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Patra Niaga participation in 4th Marine Batam Expo

Posted on 17 October 2011

Considering that Indonesia's maritime industry potential is progressing, the Ministry of Industry (Kemenprin), is currently in needs of 500 new ships to facilitate the local oil and gas industry. To that end, the government is striving to bring in more investors.

"Our domestic market is growing. We must be ready to replace old vessels by adding some new ones. We still need about 500 more ships to support the oil and gas projects. Those ships need to be fully accommodated by year 2016. We must maximize this opportunity" explained Kemenprin Director of Maritime Industry, Aerospace and Defense Equipment Soejono, at the opening of 4th Marine Batam Expo (MBE) on 12 October 2011.

At this the 4th MBE, Patra Niaga as Pertamina's subsidiary who engages in the downstream oil and gas sector, was introducing its core business activities namely Fuel Bunker & Trading, Fuel Management Services and Fuel Storage Distribution to the visitors, with purpose to create a new market of fuel trading, particularly in the Bunker business.

The MBE was held from 12-15 October 2011, and was attended by 81 maritime companies, offshore oil and gas organizations from seven countries such as Singapore, China, Malaysia, Norway, France, Australia and the United States of America in addition to some the local participants that came from Balikpapan, Surabaya, Tegal, Jakarta and Batam. During the four-day MBE event, we observed that out of more than 100 participants who visited Patra Niaga’s booth, we marked about 15 potential customers to follow up.

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