Patra Niaga Expa Participation

Published on 2012-06-06


We are a specialist oil and gas trading company, dealing in fuel and non-fuel product lines.

Our trading activities focus on fuel trading and non-fuel trading. Our fuel trading products include Gasoline, Kerosene, HSD, IDO, MFO 180 cSt and MFO 380 cSt.

Our non-fuel trading products include Polytam, Minarex, Paraffinic, SBPx, Pertasol, LAWS, Asphalt Straight Run – Precipitated, Asphalt Straight Run - Imported, Asphalt Isotank – Precipitated, Asphalt Multigrade – Precipitated, Greencokes – Raw Material, Greencokes – Processed, Slackwax – Raw Material, Slackwax – Olahan, Smooth Fluid, Condensate, Sludge Oil, Solvent Cemara, Paraffin Wax, Sulfur, and MMO (Slackwax).